Listed Buildings

Listed building renovations

Preserving and enhancing period detailing is a critical part of any renovation project, and our experts know exactly how to get the best out of a listed property. Deciding what should be kept and what can be removed with integrity is not an easy task. However much one loves the old, progress still has to be made. Best Build has the experience to achieve a reasonable balance which is crucial not only to obtaining statutory consents

We have an exceptional group of tradesmen capable of wide-ranging and intricate works and we are a particularly good choice for your project if you have any specific concerns with regard to the safeguarding of any material of your property, or require any advice on sensitive restoration or conservation work.

Best Build have extensive and qualified expertise in gaining valuable Listed Building Consents. Please refer to Planning Service for more information.

Combining expert planning knowledge with specialist heritage construction skills, Best Build london is the clear choice for any listed building project.